Business Acquisition Loans

One of the key strategic moves that a business can invest towards, is an acquisition. Such a move is often made using a credit product and when traditional credit products aren’t suitable due to various reasons, businesses often choose alternative lending solutions. We at Business Advance Lenders provide reliable and quick business acquisition loans which can be applied for online and can provide the funds in as little as 2 working days.

Qualifying for a business loan from our service is easy and as you read ahead, you shall understand the various benefits that we offer, which make ours a suitable solution for funding a business acquisition move.

Simply apply for a loan online, and after a brief pre-verification, our team shall connect with you to work on a loan offer. The process is simple, efficient, and quick, making it a practical choice for acquisition plans.

A Loan to Acquire a Business Must be Quick

Loans to acquire businesses are often taken from alternative lending entities when time really matters. A traditional or an SBA loan may take as long as a month for qualifying businesses to secure. With Business Advance Lenders, the time taken can be as little as just 2 working days when all qualifications and requirements are being met. While designing our loan product, we have been mindful of the fact that without the quickness factor, a business acquisition loan can – in many cases - be futile and strategic moves can lose their immense value when the timing goes wrong.

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We enhance the loan we provide, to make it more suitable for business acquisitions in these ways:

  • No unnecessary paperwork and complications – only online application and the minimum required documentation
  • A lean process without any unrequired delays
  • No third-party brokers and no commissions
  • Acceptance of second chance requests for loans

For Our Business Acquisition Loans, Bad Credit doesn’t Hinder

One of the unfortunate scenarios of the market today, is that bad credit scores have become commonplace. We at Business Advance Lenders are sensitive to this market scenario and offer our business acquisition loans for bad credit businesses too. Our loans are approved based on the income, cash flow, and age of the business. To qualify for the loans, it is additionally important to not have any recent or open bankruptcy. Given that these qualifications are being met, a bad credit score does not hinder a business from securing a short-term loan from us.

For Our Business Acquisitional Loan, No Collateral is Required

Getting a business acquisition loan without having to pledge collateral of value, can be advantageous in more than just the obvious ways. As an alternative lender, we seek no collateral against the loaned amount. With us, an unsecured loan can be easily procured for an amount of up to $2M, depending upon the eligibility of the borrowing business. Unsecured loans, apart from being free from the required collateral, are also beneficial in that they’re typically quicker at being processed.

A Reliable Business Acquisition Funding of up to $2M

For small business acquisition funding, our limit extends to $2M. Our loans maintain a record of being reliable and with us, you can rest assured that your business shall get an offer to be funded subject to meeting our eligibility requirements. With an approval rate of above 90% of loans, we serve all qualifying borrowers with speed and reliability, making our loans attractive for acquisition plans.

Business Acquisition Financing Made Easy in 4 Ways

In summary to the above, there are 4 key ways in which Business Advance Lenders makes business acquisition financing easy:

  • The loans are quick and come without delays
  • All credit scores can be accepted
  • The loans are unsecured i.e., no collateral is needed
  • The loans are reliable with an approval rate of above 90%

These qualities make the task of acquisitions significantly less stressful for many borrowing businesses and with us, you can rest assured of their delivery to the best of our team’s abilities.

Apply for a Small Business Acquisition Loan Now

At Business Advance Lenders, getting a small business acquisition loan is simple and the process starts as soon as you fill and submit the application for a Business Acquisition Loan. Simply share the relevant details and our team will be in touch with you to work out a suitable loan offer that your business can utilize.