Easy Finance for Restaurant Business Owners

Restaurant industry is highly competitive and financial requirements for a restaurant business are vast. With consumer food preferences and technology changing every now and then, keeping up with latest trends demands an extra business working capital. Restaurants need extra cash for financing business investments such as commercial cooking equipment, sinks, furniture, delivery app, POS, business expansion, remodelling, marketing, inventory, payroll, hire chefs & additional staff, etc. Running a restaurant business is usually an expensive affair and to cater to such small business needs, access to the credit via restaurant loans or other restaurant financing options is critical. Getting a loan for a restaurant is a worry not only for owners of start-ups or struggling restaurants but even the owners of successful restaurant businesses want loans. But what are the popular restaurant funding options available?

  • Restaurant Investors
  • Restaurant business credit cards
  • SBA loans
  • Government small business loans
  • Bank loans for restaurants
  • Alternative small business loans from private lenders
  • Credit Unions
  • Restaurant business grants
  • Business lines of credit
  • Other short term business loans
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Business Advance Lenders: The Legitimate Restaurant Merchant Capital Source

Restaurant businesses are prone to high failure rates and hence banks are averse to taking risk, offering restaurants business loans to them. In spite of many other financing options available for restaurants in the market, business owners struggle to get access to the required merchant cash or working capital- be it due to credit score challenges or collateral requirements. However, if you need a restaurant financing option that is fast, flexible and easy to qualify, then alternative lending by online business loan companies such as Business Advance Lenders can help you better.

Business Advance Lenders is one of the most trusted lending companies that has been helping owners of various restaurant segments by giving them easy and quick access to the needed funding even with poor credit and no collateral. Hence, our loan products are also known as restaurants loans, for bad credit and unsecured restaurant loans respectively. We understand that along with a menu, a restaurant's equipment, interiors, exteriors and promotion strategies also tend to require a timely makeover. For that reason, we provide customized restaurant funding solutions that meet your exact small business needs. We offer a variety of restaurant financing solutions that include restaurant equipment financing, working capital loans for restaurants, restaurant inventory financing, short term restaurant funding, small business loans for women restaurateurs, etc.

What Can Restaurant Owners Do with a Restaurant Business Funding?

Restaurant owners are not knowledgeable of the restaurant financing programs available in the market. Therefore, many restaurateurs in the US use personal funds to finance their respective restaurant's regular business operations and other business investments, which is neither a practical funding solution always nor a profitable idea. Alternatively, quick money advance for a dining establishment through a small business loan for restaurant can help merchants to take advantage of business opportunities in the moment. Here is what you can use restaurant business loans online for:

  • Financing new restaurant equipment or existing equipment repairs
  • Attracting more customers by remodelling your restaurant
  • Funding your oven and commercial kitchen equipment
  • Managing restaurant cash flow or working capital for unexpected expenses
  • Restaurant promotion and marketing funding
  • Adding patio and other entertainment facilities
  • Pay for employees and staff benefits
  • Hiring additional staff to support your restaurant's expansion needs
  • Availing bulk discounts from restaurant supply store and kitchen supply store
  • Restaurant furniture financing- restaurant tables, chairs, drapery, etc.

This is a limited list. You can do much more with online business loans for restaurants.

Restaurant Equipment Finance - A Restaurateur's Prime Need to Take Out a Loan

Although there are many uses to restaurant business loans, majority of the restaurant merchants get a loan for funding the equipment needs of dining or food establishment. Because to put up with the competition, restaurant businesses need to constantly upgrade not just kitchen supplies, and services, but also equipment.

Restaurant equipment is an integral and costly necessity of food industry that cannot be met with a restaurant business's regular cash flow. As a result, it needs external financing to pay for extensive restaurant equipment range. Considering restaurant owners' pressing requirement for equipment funding, many best loan companies are now offering customized business loans targeting varied restaurant equipment needs.

With such a support, many business owners are now able to buy restaurant equipment or appliances at a cheaper rate from restaurant equipment auctions, wholesale restaurant supply stores or during restaurant equipment sale also. With a restaurant equipment loan, you can finance catering equipment, restaurant hood, bar equipment, restaurant oven, industrial refrigerators, coolers, chef equipment and many other commercial appliances. Apply with commercial restaurant equipment loan finance company online to borrow fast money and grab best prices on your business instruments. Note that Business Advance Lenders does not provide loans for equipment leasing and new restaurants or start-ups.

How to Get Financing for Your Small Restaurant Business?

Get restaurant working capital up to $2M in three simple steps. Apply online by providing your business details, get your loan request approved and subsequently receive money in your authorized account within one business day. To qualify for our flexible financing options for restaurants, your business should:

  • Be at least a 1 year old
  • Make min. $15,000 in sales, each month
  • Not have any open bankruptcies
  • Provide bank statement of past three months
  • Provide credit card transaction processing statement of past three months

Operate Your Restaurant Business Without Any Hiccups

Good news for restaurant owners! If you own a restaurant, then the best time to enjoy your business success has come. Get fast access to working capital or credit for your restaurant business requirements and stay on top of your competition. Grab the best restaurant loans for small businesses right today. Apply now for restaurant funding online with Business Advance Lenders over a secure online platform and get funded within 24 hours so that you never miss any business opportunity.