Make it Big with Loans for Car Dealerships

Over decades, motor sales have been amongst the most profitable businesses that even took the hit of economic slowdowns well. Like most other businesses, capital and cash flow are key to the business. However, unlike many other business, capital is required in a fairly huge amount even for a rather new car dealership that may be termed as a Small Business. Further, rising real estate prices, store standards, online marketing expenses and many other expenses, can make it difficult to deliver expectations to customers consistently.

In order not to compromise on the customer experiences or to sustain the business with smooth operations, many car dealers look for credit and funding. Loans for Car Dealerships are ideal to fill the gap. Your business can benefit greatly from added capitals when in need and an industry which is proving its worth year after year is bound to have robust returns on invested money.

Our auto dealership loans provide your company with added liquid capital within a matter of just two business days. A lot of our clients find this very useful and rely on us even at the most critical times, especially given that the turn-around-time of very few loans is this short while the approval rates of most of the fast car dealership loans with fast approvals, would not be able to match ours.

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Car Dealership Loans that are Reliable and Hassle-free

The rapidly changing dynamics of the motor industry demands for an ample availability of liquid funds. Our funding for car dealers are enjoyed by our clients, some of whom choose to use it for upkeep of revolving credit too. A combination of a high approval rate and a quick transaction time make us a very reliable source of Car Dealership Loans.

While the motor dealership industry is consistently working towards making car purchase, service and maintenance a hassle-free experience, having a similar experience in the inputs side also, would certainly benefit your company. This is what drives us to consistently ensure that your car dealership loan process with us is as seamless for you as possible. All it takes from your side is a completed application form with the relevant documents and if everything is complete and authentic, an agreement shall be sent shortly, which enables us to start working on disbursing the loan amount to you at the quickest possible.

Car Dealership Expenditure Cash Advances

A car dealership has to balance its available funds across a wide number of expenses, some of which we discuss here. It is a healthy practice for any business owner to incorporate active budgeting and forecast to keep a good tab on these at all stages of planning and execution. Where the liquid funds of the company are unable to suffice for the needs, our Car Dealership Loans can be taken up and utilized as Cash Advances to maintain the right balance in these and other expenses:

  • Vehicle Inventory Purchase
  • Accessory Inventory Purchase
  • Store, Warehouse and Lot Rental/Lease/Purchase
  • Utilities
  • Employee’s CTCs
  • Repair and Refurbishment costs
  • Marketing Expenses
  • Surety Bond and Insurance Expenses
  • Franchisee Fees (where applicable)
  • Housekeeping

Financing Used Car Dealerships

Roughly 4 million cars are resold each year in the US and data from market analysis reveals that the value additions a used car dealer can provide, makes a deal more worthy to a buyer than most other factors apart from the car and it’s condition. So our services of financing car dealerships extend also to used car dealers equally well. In a bid to provide valuable services to customers, we understand that added financial support can go miles in sealing better deals and making a more profitable business for you.

How to Use the Money

Funds that you borrow from our services are not audited for use but in the interest of being a trustworthy lender, we encourage borrowers of car dealership loans to use the funds wisely and effectively. The motor sales industry can be lucrative and taking advantage of this can pay back well. Be it for development of a better team or a showroom renovation, we encourage investing capital in strengthening your services and providing better and reliable services to your customers.

Application for Car Dealership Funding

Applying for a Loan for Car Dealership from Business Advance Lenders is easy. We also welcome bad credit borrowers. All you need in order to initiate the process is to fill and submit the form along with the required documents and we shall get in touch with you to initiate the process soon.