Retail Business Loans - when you need added Funding for your Store

There is no denying that a retail store demands a good amount of funds not just to establish, but also to sustain and grow. Loans for retail shops in the form of Retail Business Loans from Business Advance Lenders are a great idea to go forward with, in order to cater to the various requirements that such a store could have.

By carefully understanding the large capital required by a retail store business owner, Business Advance Lenders provides retail business funding that can help you offer a vast array of options that any similar store should have.

If you are in search for a loan for a business apart from a retail store, you can check out our other services and offerings or get in touch with us in case you can’t find what you’re looking for. By understanding the wide variety of small and large scale business types, we offer loans of good amounts to every owner as long as our basic eligibility criteria is fulfilled by you.

We also encourage you, as the business owner, to take a note of the fact that we do not just offer loans for material purchases related to your store. Many loans restrict the usage of the funds but we do not, as we understand that intangible upgrades to services also cost and they do provide great ROI too! So even if you wish to use the loan amount in training staff members, upgrading software, training your own self; the loan from Business Advance Lenders shall be there to serve these needs too.

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Retail Inventory Financing is what helps your Business run!

As mentioned earlier, a retail store entails much more apart from just the initial investment. Investing in the inventory of your store is always an ongoing and a never ending process. No business makes the same amount of money every month, and there is a possibility of facing a decline in sales once in a while.

Also, some seasons may demand investing in different products that may be more expensive than what you offer otherwise. These are the times when a loan can certainly benefit you and can fetch you better returns in the long run.

Retail Store Loans for Bad Credit Scores!

We don’t hesitate to offer loans to borrowers with bad credit. It is not extremely unusual for a business owner to have an undesirable credit rating, considering that businesses demand a fair amount of money irrespective of whether it is a large scale one or not, and a loan for such a business will typically take a while to repay.

All you need to do for us to be convinced about your ability to repay, is provide us with the following:

  • Purpose behind getting an online business loan
  • How much money you need to borrow
  • Age of your business
  • Business Federal Tax ID / EIN
  • Bank statement (recent 3 months)
  • Business credit card transaction processing statement (recent 3 months)
  • Lease agreement

Business Loans for Retail Stores up to $2M

Every business requires a good sum of money to invest in and run, be it for the inventory bit of it, electricity or the initial capital required. And then there are upgrades, stock-maintenance, new product campaigns, renovations, equipment repairs and additions, staff recruitment and training, uniform expenses and a lot more expenditures that go into making that store worth its salt.

Understanding the industry, we offer loans up to $2M at competitive interest rates that can easily help you cater to the financial needs of your store.