Business Debt Consolidation Loans

We often come across situations wherein we need to repay an existing lender, but don’t have the money to do so. This is especially the case with a lot of small businesses since they need money to invest in certain areas of their business, and fail to repay their existing lender on time. This situation can make life difficult since there is a certain pressure that comes along with not repaying a lender and it can get real bad real quick. There are two options in such a scenario. One is that you ask your family or a friend for help, which can be a tough choice for them to make considering the fact that it can be quite an amount you may be asking them to lend to you, and the second is to apply for a business debt consolidation loan with a trusted lender like us.

Business Consolidation Loans for Bad Credit

If you decide to approach a traditional lender in order to get a debt consolidation loan, chances are that you may get rejected. Since you haven’t yet repaid your existing lender, it can get difficult for you to get a loan from a traditional lender considering that you may have a bad credit score. Traditional lenders very rarely offer funding to those with poor credit ratings and getting a loan for debt consolidation with a faulty credit score can be quite a task considering the situation.

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You can however get a business loan for debt consolidation from a trusted lender like us, even with a bad credit score. We do not depend on your credit rating in order to provide funds to you and instead rely on your income. That’s why, a ton of small businesses benefit by applying with us even if they have a faulty credit rating. All you need to provide us with is some basic information regarding your business which shall include details regarding your income and how much money you make, after which getting a loan from us is as easy as it can get.

What Can You Use Your Business Consolidation Loan for?

As the name suggests, you can use your business consolidation loan to repay your existing lenders after which you shall be liable to repay just a single lender. However, you can also use the money for other purposes such as to upscale/expand your business or to invest in new furniture or equipment. We do not ask. However, how much you shall receive from us shall depend upon how revenue you generate.

We Offer Funding up to $2M

We understand that even a small business has large and huge expenses to cover in order to succeed. That’s why, we provide our borrowers up to $2M which they can use for debt consolidation or to invest in their business. How much you shall be able to receive shall depend on the revenue you generate.