Bad Credit Equipment Financing

Bad credit scores can be detrimental to any business. One of the biggest challenges that comes with bad credit scores, is the fact that borrowing becomes very difficult and that makes managing finances harder. Business equipment can get expensive and oftentimes, compromising in different ways in order to save money, can be a bad decision. However, with Business Advance Lenders here, you do not have to worry about bad credit scores. We provide equipment financing for bad credit businesses which can fund your business with up to $2M subject to the assessed eligibility.

Whether you need a loan for hiring, leasing or purchasing equipment that is new or used, we accept requests of loans of all such purposes. Good equipment can serve as a backbone to many businesses and we believe that it is one of the expense items that should not be compromised upon. No matter what your credit history and scores dictate, choose us, and chances are, the loan you need get approved in just a matter of a day!

With years of experience in servings businesses like yours, we have been able to understand the typical needs of the business. We provide customized loans and even accept bad credit scores. So, if you require a simple way to fund your business, choose us and we shall work on providing you the funds you need.

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How We Offer Equipment Loans for those with Bad Credit Scores

Our equipment loans require your business to:

  • Be operational for six months or above
  • Have a monthly revenue of $5,000+ or a steady monthly cash flow
  • Suffer no open bankruptcy.

Without resistance from bad credit scores and history, we can provide your business an equipment loan approval through our assessment process, which can also skip the traditional hard credit check. This way, you can get a business loan that doesn’t hard your existing credit performance.

Can I Get A Heavy Equipment Loan despite Bad Credit?

Heavy equipment can indeed get expensive. Nonetheless, trends show that investing in reliable heavy equipment typically tends to be a good investment. We hence provide loans for heavy equipment to all qualifying businesses even when credit scores aren’t ideal.

Can I Lease Equipment Using this Funding Option?

Yes, we welcome you to use your loan for lease, rentals, purchases, and even refurbishment of your business equipment. Also, a single loan can be used for multiple such purposes. Even if you need added cash which may help your business with equipment and perhaps, even more, feel free to apply for our loan accordingly.

Equip Your Business with a Bad Credit Loan Today

Ready to take the next step? It’s a simple one. A bad credit equipment financing loan is only a few clicks away and it starts with our online application form that simply takes a minute to fill and submit. So, why wait? Simply choose us, and funding for your business shall be worked upon, no matter what your credit scores and history are.