Loans for IT Service Companies

Are you an IT firm and are in need of money to expand? Upgrading can be an expensive affair considering the equipment and technology an IT company needs to run. Apart from the technological aspect of it such as needing expensive items such as computers, they may also need to buy or make desks and to accompany them, they may need reliable chairs and more furniture, which don’t come cheap either. Not all traditional lenders offer loans to small businesses. They usually prefer funding large scale businesses due to the large returns on their loans. However, a small IT firm can always apply for a business loan with an online loan lending service like Business Advance Lenders.

Information Technology Financing for Bad Credit Holders

If you have bad credit, you can still get funded by us. We do not depend on your credit rating in order to fund you and instead ask you to provide us with very basic documents which shall help you qualify as a trusted borrower with us. Traditional lenders majorly rely on one’s credit rating in order to approve business loans and conduct hard credit checks which can further reduce one’s credit score. However, lenders like us do not follow the same pattern. We do however conduct soft credit checks in order to get some information regarding your previous repayment patterns.

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Information Technology Loans are Easy to Get

At Business Advance Lenders, getting a short-term business loan is as easy as it can get. Since we do not rely on your credit rating to fund you, we ask you to have a basic income of at least $15,000 on a monthly basis. Apart from that, we may need some basic information regarding your business. Also, we do not provide funding to those firms that haven’t commenced operations. Your business must be at least 1 year old which is a criterium that shall help you qualify for our loans. In case we have any further questions regarding your business, we shall get in touch with you regarding the same.

Get up to $2M as your IT Business Loan

Yes, you read that right. Being a considerate and understanding lender, we know that nothing comes cheap today. In order to upscale your firm, you may need to invest in a lot of things which can cost you quite a bit. That’s why, we offer up to $2M to our borrowers, depending on their gross monthly income and how much they need.