Merchant Cash Advances

Known to be a simple tool to manage cash flow, a Merchant Cash Advance works as a cushion at times of financial crunch and as a spring at times of expected growth. As a business seeking funds against future potential earning, it becomes easy to secure a short-term loan when you choose a Merchant Cash Advance.

So, what are merchant cash advances, you may ask. The answer is simple. In a business, it’s normal for revenue to be expected in the upcoming future. Against the expected earnings, a lender like as, may offer alternative business loans, which can be used just like available cash capital readily by the borrowing business.

At Business Advance Lenders, we offer Merchant Cash Advances that are:

  • Easy to apply for
  • Approved quickly
  • Providing up to $2M
  • Funding in 2 business days
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Merchant Cash Advance – Direct Lenders Advantage

At Business Advance Lenders, we serve as a direct lender offering many advantages that only alternative lenders can put forward. Some of these include:

  • No Credit Checks:- Being an alternative lender’s short-term loan offer, merchant cash advances can be offered without a credit check
  • Merchant Cash Advances are Often Quick:- Legit lenders of MCA business loans typically process then in 2-3 business days
  • Eligibility Requirements are Simple:- Typically, they tend to be the easiest business loans to qualify for
  • Lesser Paperwork is Required: :- Alternative business lenders need less paperwork and since MCAs come without the need for collateral, the amount of paperwork needed is lesser for these than other loan options
  • No Collateral:- Typically, MCAs are unsecured loans with no need for collateral pledging

Merchant Cash Advance No Credit Check Option

If you need a merchant cash advance which does not impact your credit performance, one with no hard credit checks can be availed from us at Business Advance Lenders. These merchant cash advances also serve bad credit businesses.

Merchant Cash Advance Same Day Funding Option

If you need same-day funding out of a merchant cash advance, you shall need the approval done beforehand. Once you have been approved for a merchant cash advance with same-day funding for your business, simply applying for the funds by accepting the loan offer during early business hours of the day can get you the funds you need.

What Businesses use MCA Loans For

Most small business owners and management teams utilize funds borrowed using the short-term credit tool of MCA loans for purposes such as:

  • Rent payments
  • Emergency and unforeseen expenses
  • Equipment hiring and purchases
  • Sudden cash purchases
  • Contracted staff hiring expenses
  • Event expenses
  • Settling due debts

Apply for a Merchant Cash Advance Loan

At Business Advance Lenders, we make applying for a loan, a simple process is process that just takes a few minutes. Here is the link to our online application for a Merchant Cash Advance. Once we receive the details and documents needed, our team performs basic verifications and shall soon get in touch to work on a suitable offer and provide further assistance. We strive to serve borrowers with their required cash loan within 2 business days.