Senior Care Business Loans

Taking care of senior citizens can be as difficult as it may be fun. It is important for our senior citizens to get loving homes once they reach a certain age and we shall help you improve your real estate piece into making it bigger and better for senior citizens, by providing you with our funds. This shall help you improve your senior care and assisted living facility, by up-scaling it, making it more vibrant or just redoing it to form a much more motivating and loving environment for the individuals living in it.

Financial Services for Senior Care

We offer funding up to $2000000 to help you build the dream home you want to offer to your senior citizens. We understand that not everything comes cheap today which is why we offer the amount stated. We ensure that you get the money you desire without having to go to a traditional lender and making things complicated and a little difficult. We strive to make life easy for our borrowers which is why getting funded by us is as simple and easy as it can get.

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Assisted Living Facility Business Loans for Bad Credit

Have bad credit? Need to repay existing lenders? No problem at all. We’ve got your back! We do not rely on your credit rating in order to fund you which is why we offer quick funding services. Also, people with bad credit ratings benefit from the same since they do not have to worry about their credit score being checked by us in order to fund them.

Also, if you haven’t repaid your existing lender, our loan can be used for debt consolidation where you can use our loan to repay your existing lender and pay us on a monthly basis using the revenue you generate. That way, you shall be liable to repay a single lender which can make life easy for you.