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Business Borrowing

Best Practices for Business Borrowing

As the market of lending grows in services, reliability and competition, more and more businesses are using credit to their advantage. Once in a while however, some businesses fall prey of the credit system and borrowing can in such situations, seem like a mistake. However, experts believe that it isn’t borrowing that is bad for business, it is typically the misunderstanding of the credit system and/or the chosen credit product that can usually leads to bad decisions. At times, it’s also a lack of business or financial understanding and/or planning that can bring about similar results.

For the purpose of this article, we shall assume a working understanding and knowledge of finance, accounting and business in general, especially in terms of what is needed to run the company you may own or work for. That said, it’s time to dive in!

Business Borrowing

Understand Credit and your Credit Profile

As lenders with years of experience in the small business domain, we have come across many organizations, whose key decision makers possess either little or outdated understanding of the way the credit system works. While our team works towards helping any such individuals understand what decisions could be healthy for their establishments, not all lenders may choose to do so and what we can know about an applicant’s company and situation shall always have limits.

It is very important for any decision makers in a company to understand all basics of the credit system and company owners must always have an understand of their personal credit profiles too. There are great resources online to start from. A simple search about credit scores, the credit system and the business credit system can get any willing individual started off in the right direction.

Without an understanding of credit, not much can be controlled in a way that the business can benefit from credit products as each has expenses that go hand-in-hand with the advantages of the loan product.

Groom towards Proactiveness

A business is typically comprised of a team of individuals. It can also be a single individual behind the whole show. Irrespective of how many individuals may be a part of a business, it is a great practice to groom each individual involved, to be proactive towards their area(s) of concern, rather than being reactive.

For instance, everyone understands seasonality in businesses. Almost every business faces seasonality. Waiting for a low season and then working on ways to sustain through it is being reactive. Instead, foreseeing a low season and planning on how to cut costs, increase revenues and/or services, reach new customers and utilize the free manhours for training and development is being proactive in the same situation.

This also works similarly for borrowing. When in a desperate situation, businesses tend to borrow agreeing to strongly one-sided deals. However, a proactive business decision maker would foresee financial difficulties and borrow well in advance, avoiding the rush and pressure that leads them to succumb to such deals.

Choosing the Right Loan Product

A variety of loan products are available to businesses of various sizes, industries and locations. Knowing what options are available along with their pros and cons, can help make the right decision in selecting an ideal loan. Some business use services of business loan consultants for such decisions while others prefer to perform their own research. Both choices can have their open ups and downs but managed well, the right choice lead to a hugely varied outcome.

Here, we are sharing three of the most frequently chosen types of business loans for small businesses.

SBA Loans

An initiative by the government, SBA loans are typically the most affordable option for businesses that are eligible for the loans. Although they can take up to a month for approval and processing, they are of great value to most entities that choose them.

Bank Loans

Bank loans may at times be harder to obtain and are typically a little more expensive than some SBA loans. People prefer bank loans due to the reliability and since most banks are run by established companies and conglomerates that have a strong reputation in the market.

Alternate Business Loans

Alternate business lending is growing strongly since a few years. From a trustworthy lender, these loans are typically easier to get and faster in transacting. These are however higher risk loans for lenders (which comes with making it easy to get) which makes them more expensive.

Need an Alternate Business Loan – Choose the Right Lender

Alternate business loans are typically easier to acquire. However, not each lender is the same and it is important to know your direct lender well before choosing to transact for a loan.

To choose the right lender, simply:

  • Ensure there’s good online presence and customer feedback/reviews
  • Look for accreditations/certifications like that from the BBB
  • Look for valid contact details on the website
  • Look-out against deals that seem fishy – some lenders try to lure borrowers into a trap making irresistable seeming offers
  • Read through the loan offer and pay special attention to its transparency.

Once these basics are in order, a loan is likelier to be safe. Nonetheless, attention then needs to be paid on the deal that’s being offered. Only choose a loan that your company shall be able to repay on time.

Get a Business Loan from Business Advance Lenders

Whether the reason for a loan is a plan to grow the business, a requirement for added liquid capital, a renovation project or even simply business sustenance, we at Business Advance Lenders shall be happy to serve you. We are reputed as a reliable and safe online direct lender of alternate business loans.

Initiating a query with us is simple. We can be contacted directly or a quick online application provides us all details that are required for us to do a basic verification and then get in touch with you, to discuss options and offers that we can make available to you.

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