Rejected a Business Loan? We Can Help

Rejected a Business Loan

Getting declined a business loan is not a very rare occurrence. If you’ve applied for an SBA or a bank loan for your business, statistics state your chances for loan approval. Depending upon the location and industry of your business – are likely to vary from 20% to 70%. This means, there are 30% to 80% chances that a business loan application fails to materialize.

Loan rejection may translate to a missed opportunity for some businesses, for others, it may lead to financial shortcomings. Even major financial trouble, including even a significant hit on the credit performance, and further loan rejections. But, depending upon the eligibility of your business, there may be a way in which your business can still get a loan, despite having faced loan rejections. (more…)

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Small Business Loans for Start-Ups in 2021-22

small business loans for start-ups2020 had seen a massive hit to the economies of every country across the globe, due to the pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus. This lead to a lot of business delays for already existing companies, as well as new ones. A number of businesses that were all set to open up and commence operations in 2020, has a prolonged delay for about a year and a half before they could go all out.

2021-22 is the start of a new era, since due to the hard work of a number of scientists, doctors and other professionals, we finally managed to produce a vaccine to defeat the coronavirus. That being said, businesses are up and running again and the ones that had to wait for the many months when covid-19 was rampant, have finally been able to start and set up shop. (more…)

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Best 8 Low-Cost Ways to Expand Your Business

8 Low Cost Ways to ExpandBusinesses owners love seeing their businesses thrive and grow.  Several factors may lead to growth and oftentimes, there are ways in which business owners and stakeholders work to make their business grow. The expansion of businesses can take place in many ways and many efforts can be considered universal – no matter what industry the business serves and what the nature of the business is. Here are 8 low-cost ways that you could consider as you look to expand your business: (more…)

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How Faster Loans are Helping Small Businesses

Loans-are-helping-small-businessOne of the common factors in every small business is that the rotation of cash is critical and plays a very key role in how the business runs. Yet, many businesses today have a limited opportunity to maintain a little more than the needed amount of cash for day-to-day operations. Should an emergency arise, many small businesses are likely to be less prepared for cash reserves than they might need to be. For this reason, a quick business loan is often something small business owners tend to prefer, as keeping their own business’ cash blocked for emergencies doesn’t always seem like a great idea.


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Small Business Loans with Easy Online Application

small Business Loans

Many times during running a business, a shortage of funds – or liquid funds – can occur. Such a situation can slow down a business, halt growth, or lead to very undesirable outcomes. Small business owners tend to tackle such situations in one or more of these ways:

  • Liquidate some assets(s)
  • Utilize pre-approved line of credit
  • Invest personal funds into the business
  • Borrow funds from friends or family
  • Choose a business loan.


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