Rejected a Business Loan? We Can Help

Rejected a Business Loan

Getting declined a business loan is not a very rare occurrence. If you’ve applied for an SBA or a bank loan for your business, statistics state your chances for loan approval. Depending upon the location and industry of your business – are likely to vary from 20% to 70%. This means, there are 30% to 80% chances that a business loan application fails to materialize.

Loan rejection may translate to a missed opportunity for some businesses, for others, it may lead to financial shortcomings. Even major financial trouble, including even a significant hit on the credit performance, and further loan rejections. But, depending upon the eligibility of your business, there may be a way in which your business can still get a loan, despite having faced loan rejections.

What can Lead to Loan Declinations?

While many factors can cause a loan to get declined, the most common ones are:

  1. Excessive debt: If the ratio of debt to income is high, your loan request likely get rejected
  2. Poor credit performance: Bad credit scores (both business and personal) often lead to loan rejections
  3. Insufficient collateral: Traditional loans need collaterals and if the ascertained value of the collateral provided isn’t enough to cover your loan, its interest, and the cost of recovering the collateral value, your loan will likely to rejected
  4. Limited credit history: When the credit history is insufficient to make decisions, loans can be kept on hold or even declined
  5. Bad performance: If the operating figures of a business are indicative of poor or declining health, loans are likely to be declined

What Poor Credit Could Lead To

Bad credit scores are no good news for a business or an individual. Apart from making loans very difficult to secure, bad credit may cause further damage to businesses. These often include:

  • Difficulty in finding suitable real estate options on rent/lease
  • Rejection of credit from suppliers
  • Higher insurance premiums
  • Reduced growth opportunities
  • Severed business reputation and relationships

How Alternative Business Loans Can Help You

If you’ve faced rejection from a traditional business loan lender – be it a bank or an SBA loan lender, chances are that the best option you have is an alternative business loan. Alternative business lenders can, at their discretion, accept loan applications from a business that has a troubled credit history. Short-term loans offer, limiting the risk by approving loans of limited amounts, subject to a personal guarantee. An alternative business loan can help:

  • Your business get funded despite past loan rejections
  • Your business work towards a credit performance improvement
  • You secure funds when facing a financial emergency
  • You sail through a challenging season
  • Your business with funds that help it grow and improve its financial performance

Here are two common business loan types often offered by alternative lenders, aimed to address the issues faced by businesses that have been rejected a loan:

Second Chance Business Loans

If you have faced a loan rejection once, it would already feature on your credit report and there are very high chances a second loan application by you, would also be declined, unless you choose a reliable alternative lender, offering a second chance business loan. A second rejection from yet another traditional lender is likely to harm your credit performance, and it is very hard to recover from such damage.

The type of loan that is designed to accommodate such borrowing businesses, is often termed a second chance business loan, and these are made available subject to verifications and terms that are independent of past loan rejections.

Business Loans for Bad Credit

Whether you have been rejected a loan, or a bad credit score is very likely to lead to loan rejection when you choose a traditional lender. That can further dent your credit score. So, if you need a business loan while you suffer from a bad credit score, a safe way could be to choose an alternative lender that offers business loans for bad credit.

Get a Business Loan despite Past Rejections

If you have a bad credit score or need a second chance on a loan due to a past rejection, you’re at the right place. At Business Advance Lenders, we work to ensure that our loan eligibility terms don’t rely on credit performance. Instead, we offer collateral-free business loans that can accommodate bad credit scores as well as businesses that have faced loan rejection in the far or recent past. So, apply with us and our team will work with you on a loan that is likely to suit the needs of your business.